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♪ what did we learn on the show tonight craig ♪ [meow] craig: sorry, i don't really have time to talk tonight. i talked too long to karen gillan like you -- uh-oh -- wouldn't. good night,
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. right now charges tonight against a local cop. the officer allegedly tries to force sex act on another man and then turns to gunfire. plus an international spy saga. a judge considers whether to keep this local man locked up
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for he is pea knowledge regarding million -- espionage for millions of dollars. the alleged crime, a sex assault and attempted murder. the suspectpect a man. >> the guy is facing a whole slew of charges and he turned himself in at police headquarters and that is where ken molestina is live with some jaw dropping accusations. the ken. >> reporter: you know, i'll tell you something, this indictment that i have here in my hand is not only telling, it is just scandalous. they fabricated this entire wild carjacking story to cover up what they say was attempted murder possibly prompted by a sex assault. 27-year-old gene gillette walked into the police department to face a large amount of charges.
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he is accused of trying to kill and sexually assault another man. >> we do take it very, very seriously. we regard this as these charges as very serious charges and we'll treat them as such. >> reporter: according to investigators he said he fired at a man that tried to carjack him. but according to documents, that story isn't true. in the 12-count indictment, he is accused of willfully and deliberately trying to kill his victim. >> we're seeking justice and i think the indictment speaks for themselves. >> reporter: the prince george's state's attorney wouldn't elaborate on full details, but the indictment clearly states he tried to touch the victim's pea nis and perform a sex act -- penis and perform a sex act on him. >> the investigators responded to the scene right away and they were able to through their investigation determine what happened. >> reporter: and gillette is scheduled for a bond hearing
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tomorrow morning at 8:30 a.m.. i'm being told if he's convicted on these charges, anita, he could face life in prison. we're live outside prince george's headquarters, ken molestina, 9news now. >> thank you, ken. new at 11:00, a man accused of killing people in allegheny is now accused of attacking an inmate. police say he attacked another inmate with a sharpened toilet brush handle back on july 6th. he is behind bars for the shooting death of his next door neighbor and another man back in march. the trial date for those crimes is set for november. there is a major change in the debt ceiling story unfolding tonight. speaker of the house john boehner has now delayed tomorrow's scheduled vote. >> boehner has gone back to the drawing board after a day of criticism by his conservative members in his caucus and a finding by the congressional budget office that his plan did not have as many cost savings as
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he thought. gary nurenberg brings us up-to-date. >> reporter: not as many cost savings and not as many votes as he needed to get the plan and the vote now scheduled for thursday. >> can i get your name and the town you're from. >> reporter: as americans swamped capitol hill switch boards in response to the president's monday night appeal, they have their voices be heard, senate democrats. >> it's the best shot we have to avoiding an economic crisis. a week from today. >> reporter: and house republicans. >> it's e , it's responsible. >> reporter: where each lobbying for their own version of a bill that would raise the debt ceiling and cut spending. but boehner was having trouble with tea party objections. >> they're talking about 1.6 trillion in reductions over ten years. that is a promise for future reductions. and history shows us that no congress has ever honored a previous congress's promises to cut spending. >> reporter: earlier in the day, the speaker was confident. >> it can pass the house and it can pass the senate. >> reporter: but from his own caucus, some vote counting on the necessary number.
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>> i'm confident as of this morning that there were not 218 republicans in support of the plan. >> reporter: and the white house said the president would veto the boehner plan, saying the democratic plan showed the president's willingness to give up the taxes he wanted. >> but it does not contain within it up front revenues. and, guess what, that is a compromise. >> reporter: the real body blow to boehner came with congressional budget office conclusion this evening that his plan cuts less than he thought. much less than the tea party wants, making success in a vote tomorrow even more unlikely. now he's postponed that to rewrite as the dead ceiling is only six days away. -- debt ceiling is only six days away. if he falls on his face, their plan stands a better chance but at this point who knows. derek. >> who indeed. thank you, gary. this is a man some people are calling the serial slasher. and police believe he's behind at least five attacks in fairfax
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county. the latest at the fair oaks mall just yesterday. his victim is an 18-year-old girl shopping inside the forever 21 store. officers say the suspect dropped something in front of the teenager to distract her and then he slashed her bottom. another teenager was attacked, and another in mclean. >> it's kind of scary. when we heard she was like i don't even want to go anymore. >> between the retailers and ourselves we have a lot of cameras. >> again, take another look at this guy. if you've seen him or know him, police want to hear from you. mall officials are beefing up security. a way to cut down crime or profile innocent teens. that is a new curfew proposal in montgomery county. if the county executive and police chief get their way, teens 17 and under would no
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longer be able to hang out after 11:00 p.m. teenagers protested the idea. the movement to stop it actually started on facebook and within days more than 6,000 teens joined in. >> curfew will mark every teen in montgomery county as suspects simply because of their age. it will push teens out of their communities telling them the streets and the businesses are not for them. the moderating the facebook page, i've seen dozens of comments along the lines of, well, now we'll just have to hide from the police. >> the police say the curfew would serve as a deterrent for teens with criminal intentions. they point to a gang fight over the 4th of july weekend involving 70 young people and a girl that ended up getting stabbed. the proposal will held for further review. prince george's county and the district both have youth curfews. 9news now has learned harry thomas is telling supporters he has no plans to resign, even though several of his colleagues
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are telling him flat out it is time to step down. he agreed to repay $300,000 that the dc attorney general says he converted to personal use. those taxpayer and charitable dollars were intended to youth baseball programs. council member tommy wells all said he should resign, but the mayor said that would be premature. >> what i think is that the justice process ought to continue to play out. >> federal prosecutors are reviewing the matter. well, someone who is resigning, congressman david wu. according to wu's home town newspaper, a young woman said he forced himself on her back in november but she never pressed charges. the sexual encounter was consensual. wu now says he will step down just as soon as congress wraps up are work on the debt ceiling. the suspect in the deadly attacks in norway says he sees
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himself as some kind of savior. that from 32-year-old anders breivik's attorney. now, breivik confessed to last week's bombing and to the shooting rampage which followed at an island camp retreat. but he's pled not guilty to the terrorism charges. he says he was trying to start a war against democracy and against the muslims in the world. well, his attorney spoke to the media today desperately trying to explain the inexplicable. >> he said it was necessary to start a war here in europe and throughout the western world. so he's sorry that it was necessary, but it was necessary. this whole case is indicating he's insane. >> yes. 76 people died in those attacks. meanwhile, suspects in solitary confinement tonight. he's unable to see that norwegians have reacted to the worst atrocity on their soil since world war ii with
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compassion and the democratic values he was trying to destroy. a very big deal to talk about in the flu alert. a vaccine that may be made in the next five to 10 years. the importance of research coming out of nih which could see its funding scale back in the ongoing budget debate. now, a vaccine that protects against every strain of flu would undoubtedly save lives, not to mention you could avoid getting that shot every year and standing in line for it. >> this is something scientists thought was completely out of reach very recently because the flu virus mutates so fast. >> how the heck do they do it? >> i love to tell you. this is biotech at its best. they use computers to create the virus and they figure out there is one part of the coding that's the same. whether it's h1n1, type a, bird flu. that protein stays the same. and targeting that is how they figured out a way to make this
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universal vaccine which could be amazing. they could give it to people and prevent them from getting infected. >> and you wouldn't have to get a sore arm every year. >> you would not have to get that. so let's hope, again, five years that would be pretty cool. >> pretty cool. >> great stuff. still ahead tonight, a local man charged with secretly lobbying washington lawmakers with millions in pakistani money. how he blew his cover. angry profanity rings down on capitol hill. that is coming up. 95 today but at least the humidity was in check. we'll show you the wakeup weather. not bad really. 66-76 for the early risers. grab your shades. 6:00 mid 70s. by 9:00 full sunshine. we'll come back and tell you when the humidity returns and when the serious heat
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an update now on the
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teenage girl accused of kidnapping a baby from baltimore. prosecutors have charged the 16-year-old as an adult on two counts of child abduction, assault and burglary. she took the 17-month-old on friday while the boy's father was at the son. officers found the two yesterday morning in northeast dc. no word yet on why she left with the child. a northern virginia resident from pakistan was in a federal court room this afternoon so a judge could decide whether to keep him locked up. the 62-year-old is in fairfax and he's charged with failing to register as a foreign agent. the federal prosecutors believe he's been on the payroll of pakistan's spy agency for years. as andrea mccarren reports, he allegedly participated in a secret lobbying effort involving millions. >> if you're going to have an outfit in the state that you want to influence political matters, you put it in washington dc. >> reporter: influence peddling is nothing nw in washington, but in this case,
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the alleged money trail leads to an unusual source. >> it appears the money that is being used here, at least according to the allegations, is coming directly from the pakistani intelligence service. >> reporter: as the head of the council in dc, he made several campaign contributions to democratic and republican members of the house, including virginia congressman jim moran. he also sent checks to then presidential candidate's barack obama and al gore. oddly enough, the men's hair care product allegedly played a role in the secret payments. the affidavit reveals a conversation in which he says he received all but 75 milligrams of cream. a parent code tore $75,000. -- for $75,000. another time fai asked for two or three pieces of cream believed to signify 20-$30,000.
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>> an espionage we would call that sort of an open code. for heavens sakes, it's used for all sorts of people that hope they can conceal what they're doing. >> reporter: federal agents believe fai received as much as $700,000 a year from pakistan. he now faces up to five years in prison and a $10,000 fine. andrea mccarren, 9news now. >> so in the end, the judge ordered fai's release under several conditions. he'll be under home detention with electronic monitoring and his travel is limited to the dc metro area. if you want to know just how fed up and frustrated people are over this whole debt ceiling debacle, check out the tweets. people sending nasty tweets. tens of thousands of them all with the hash tag fu washington except they're not abbreviating. >> i think if i ran my house like the government runs theirs, i would be -- i would be in deep
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trouble. >> they are making the problem. everybody up there is making the problems. we're the only ones having to pay for it. >> the tweets started coming in on saturday and already this thing has gone viral. congress, are you listening? well, not all messages to congress come armed with an f bomb. a local youtube rapper named remi taking a lighter approach. check him out ♪ break the debt ceiling ♪ break the debt ceiling ♪ break the debt ceiling ♪ so if you look at the chart and you examine the trend ♪ ♪ we borrow $0.40 of every dollar we spe ♪ ♪ do you have a comment ♪ do you beat me up ♪ we're all going to default if we follow the road ♪ ♪ you're not going to stop it ♪ ♪ i'm the king of the land ♪ . >> i like that guy. >> i'll make it ring. >> you can see the entire rap on
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our website topper, you're going to make it rain, right? >> i would like to. i wish i could. i can't. but i can -- i can control the humidity tonight and tomorrow. >> that would be nice. >> and then after that, all bets are off. humidity comes back on thursday. and some record heat may come back on friday. let's start with temperatures. it's still pretty toasty out. 85 at this moment downtown. if you want to exercise, do your walk, jog, do it in the morning. 84 in leesburg. 82 in fredericksburg and 81 in frederick. we're still in pretty good shape. humidity is going to be all right. it's going to be hot but not humid tomorrow. we have a break. and actually it's going to be a very sunny day so grab your shades. and tomorrow night is going to be even cooler than tonight. it's going to be a fantastic night. i would say about 80% of us will be in the 60s tomorrow. that has not happened for a couple of weeks. in fact, almost three weeks. overnight tonight, clear to
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partly cloudy. becoming breezy. more comfortable. 64-74. winds will kick in here shortly. a couple of sprinkles on live doppler we talked about earlier. just not worth putting in the forecast. most of them are just hit or miss out to the west of town. you can check it out at mostly sunny and warm by lunch time but not humid. temperatures in the 70s and 80s. winds northwesterly at ten. air quality code yellow which is moderate air quality which is will all we can ask for. by afternoon, mostly sunny and hot but still not humid. grab your sunglasses. highs around 90. we were 95 today. 90 tomorrow. so a little bit cooler tomorrow. less hot tomorrow. how is that. look at the temperatures. 90 in rockville. 90 downtown. 90 in arlington. and maybe even 91 in springfield. but some areas may hold in the 80s for a change. 89 in gaithersburg. 89 in bowie. 89 in reston and also sterling. maybe even 88 in leesburg and manassas which is just about average for us in terms of temperature. now, our zone forecast, we're going to keep west of the divide
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still in the 70s. 78 in oakland. fantastic. but then you jump the divide, 86 and cumberland, upper 80s in hagerstown and winchester 89. culpeper will be in the low 90s. but warrenton and manassas and leesburg will hold in the upper 80s. pretty nice. when you go up to 270 into southern maryland, low 90s. hughesville, we're looking at 90 and st. mary city. 89 for annapolis. winds well below small craft advisory criteria. pretty quiet on the bay and tidal potomac. here is your day planner, 64-74 in the morning. it will be warm, toasty by lunch time. mid to upper 80s. and then 88 to 92 by 5:00. all with full sunshine. now, the next three days, humidity comes back on thursday. low 90s. maybe a thunderstorm. and the real heat comes back here on friday. 99. that is the record high. we would tie the record high if it were to hit 99. next seven days, heat wave stays with us on saturday.
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we're still in the upper 90s. only a slight chance of a thunderstorm. a better chance, though. scattered thunderstorms on sunday and monday. that will knock temperatures back down into the low 90s. and then dry again on tuesday with temperatures going back into the mid 90s. so kind of a streak of 90s here. it will be 30 days tomorrow 90 or better this summer. >> how pleasant. >> yes. >> thanks, top. >> you know, it's time to role into some pre-season football action. >> he's excited. >> starting to see some players rolling in. >> could you hear the creeking in. that was the bones that have been sitting around for four and a half months trying to get the cob webs out. how about mig mcnabb possibly going and haynesworth possibly staying. we'll tell you about that. plus the redskins free agent who is picking a team >4
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it's time for 9 sports with
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brett haber, the best sports in town. >> member how renee zelwegger split up four months after she was married. maybe that is what will happen with mcnabb. yahoo sports reports that the redskins and vikings have a deal in place to ship mcnabb to minnesota in exchange for one or two six or seven round picks. mcnabb would mentor christian ponder to be the vikings starter. meanwhile, mcnabb's favorite target will be staying in washington. reports are that the skins will sign moth to a three year, $15 million meal. moss had a career high 93 catches last year. he just turned 22. apparently quarterback phillip buchanon has offers from the redskins and the jets. how do we know this? take a look at what phillip
2:02 am
tweeted today. what's up, family? redskins or jets? he may be the first free agent in history to sign based on twitter feedback. add your thoughts at phillip buchanon. as for the rest of the team, remember how crazy your kids got cooped up in the house with nothing to do. that was the relief the boys felt as they reported to redskins park today. some came in today. quarterback john beck was there after he got turned away at the gate house yesterday because a security guard didn't know who he was. light conditioning for the guys today. first practice is on friday. but whatever today was, it felt good. >> it's great to be back. big reception this morning. it was just good to be back to football. >> it was real good. getting acclimated with the coaches. everybody is happy. it's like a family back together. you haven't seen it in an extended period of time.
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>> i have missed the baritone of ryan. public training camp is open this saturday and then every day except sunday, the band is here. fan appreciation day august 6th at noon. meanwhile, a couple of maryland players signed as undrafted free agents today, including former terps quarterback josh portis who becomes a seattle sea hawk. line backer alex wojack will be a cleveland brown. a road trip for the nats. tonight they came back home where they played ten games over 500. pretty good. now they're nine games over hosting the marlins. the this didn't taste very good. off jordan zimmerman who has been brilliant this year except for his last two start. six runs and seven starts off j zim. that is john buck's homerun. part of a 5-run 9th for florida.
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before the game the nats pulled off a trade for a pair of minor leaguers. he will not be a difference maker. we haven't found that out yet. and maybe steven strathsburg comes up in september so who knows. >> lots of interesting times ahead. >> we'll go with

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